Maintenance Packages

Assembly and Packing Chain, Freewheels and Cassettes

Unpack and Assemble Bike with Basic Tune $95.00

Install and/or Size Chain without Adjust $10.00

Drive Train Clean with Adjust $55.00

Pack Bike For Shipping $65.00

Quickie Lube $10.00

Assemble Frameset $140.00

Cassette or Freewheel Removal and/or Install $10.00

Basic Tune Single Speed $64.99

Assemble Frameset with Facing $300.00

Basic Tune Multi Speed $74.99

Frame Swap Warranty Frame $150.00


Crankset Service

90 Day Tune-up $0.00

Deluxe Tune Single Speed $119.99


Bottom Bracket Service

Install Chainring (Each) $15.00

Deluxe Tune Multi Speed $139.99

Replace Left Crank Arm $9.00

Total Overhaul Single Speed $169.99

Adjust Bottom Bracket $15.00

Replace Right Crank Arm without Adjust $9.00

Total Overhaul Multi Speed $239.99

Overhaul Bottom Bracket $30.00

Install 1-Piece Crank $25.00

Post Crash Inspection $30.00

Remove Frozen Bottom Bracket $80/HR

Install 2 or 3 Piece Crank $30.00

Baby Seat Surcharge $10.00

Install Cartridge Bottom Bracket $25.00

Removal of Damaged Crank $80/HR

Recumbent or Tandem Service Surcharge $25.00

Crank Arm Helicoil $25.00

Bike Cleaning Muddy Bike Surcharge $20.00

Brake Service

Install Power Meter Crank Arm and Calibration $90.00

MP 9 Off-site Service Handling Charge $20.00

MP 10 Bike Wash ONLY @ P1, P3 and P5 $25.00

BR 1 Brake Adjust $12.00

Derailleur and Shifter Service

Install New Caliper non-hydro with Adjust $25.00

Accessory Installation

Install Brake Pads per Wheel without Adjust $7.00

Derailleur Adjust Front, Rear or 3 Speed Hub $12.00

Install New Brake Cable/Housing without Adjust $10.00

Derailleur Install with Adjust and Chain R&R $20.00

Taxed Install Rear Bike Rack $10.00

Install New Lever non-hydro without Adjust $10.00

Overhaul Rear Derailleur/Pulley Replacement $25.00

Taxed Install Roof Car Rack Hourly 1HR MINIMUM $80.00

Install STI Lever Set with Adjust, Taping Not Included $60.00

Rear Derailleur Shadow Plus Tune up $30.00

Taxed Install Hitch Rack $10.00

Install BMX Rotor with Adjust $60.00

Install Non-STI Shifter without Adjust $12.00

Taxed Install Clip-on Fenders $10.00

Install Non-Hydraulic Brakeset Each $25.00

Install New Derailleur Cable/Housing without Adjust $10.00

Taxed Install Full Fenders $35.00

Brake System Rebuild Non-Disc $40.00 DS 6 Shifter Flush $15.00

Taxed Install Baby Seat ONLY if Penn Purchased $25.00

Disc Brake Pad Install and Tune Up $45.00

Install Shift Cables and Housing without Adjust $22.00

Taxed Install Kickstand $7.00

Mechanical Disc Brake Service $30.00

Taxed Install Non-Cadence Computer $15.00

Install Hydraulic Brake System with Bleed $60.00

Electronic Bike Labor

Taxed Install Cadence Computer $25.00

Bleed Disc Brake $25.00

Taxed Install Computer Wireless $10.00

Install Hydraulic Hose without Bleed $10.00

Firmware Update for BionX, Di2, Ride+ $25.00

Taxed Install Computer Battery with Recalibration $8.00

Disc Rotor True $20.00

Diagnostics for BionX, Di2, Ride+ $80/HR

Taxed Install Basket $12.00 BR 8 Install Disc Brake Rotor $7.00

Di2 Customization $25.00

Taxed Install Mirror $7.00

Disc Brake Piston Flush $10.00

Install Di2/ESP with Part Removal, Update and Customization $250.00

Taxed Install Pegs (Pair) $7.00

Install Brake Cable and Housing without Adjust $22.00

Di2/ESP Build Bare Frame with Update and Customization $225.00

Taxed Install Drop Bar Tape $15.00

Install BionX with Firmware Update $150.00

Taxed Install Training Wheels $10.00

Taxed Install Light(s) $7.00

Taxed Install Cage $2.00


Fork Install and Service Miscellaneous Service Suspension Service v. 3.0

Fork Align Off Bike $40.00

Taxed Install Cleats on Shoes (Pair) $10.00

Suspension Fork Overhaul $80.00